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AutoMan ©

Automation Power Tools for z/OS

AutoMan © provides all the facilities required to fully automate any z/OS system. AutoMan © will schedule jobs and tasks and respond to events in the system. AutoMan © is fully programmable to act as a mainframe operations robot that will tirelessly and endlessly manage the operations of the system, from IPL to shutdown, and all points in between. AutoMan © dispatches, monitors and controls sub-systems, jobs and applications, and can be used to control routine operations and special procedures, such as backups and scheduled maintenance. AutoMan © can be used to provide emergency systems support and manage disaster recovery. Whereever scheduled or automated activity is needed. AutoMan © has features to fit every requirement.

AutoMan © enables the user to select the functionality they need and reduce their operational budget.

Download AutoMan V3.2 Feature Description

Generalized Automation Language (GAL)

Console and System Message Automation


Cross Systems

Operator Command Processing

Conditions and Health Monitor

Configuration Management

Log and List processing

Command Lists


JES Command Processing

External API support