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AutoMan ©

Automate any z/OS system from startup to shutdown. Operate the console, dispatch jobs and tasks according to schedule. Control multiple systems. Monitor conditions and check system health. AutoMan © blends symbiotically with the system to enable full user control of every aspect of the operational environment.

AutoMan Overview

Matrix ©

Matrix © enables applications developers to use the full power of z/OS. An applications API enables dataspaces, cross systems communications, large scale data sharing, table management and cross systems event control.

Matrix Concepts Manual

TapeMan ©

Cross systems tape device sharing system. TapeMan © enables those organizations with multiple systems, who do not wish to implement full scale sysplex inter-communications to share their tape drives and eliminate the problems of concurrent use normally associated with shared tape devices.

Software Development and Education

Design and development of customized systems applications. Education about systems internals and how to utilize them in the design of high performance and complex services.