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Exspans Systems Inc.

Exspans Systems Inc. is a software research and development company, dedicated to providing robust, efficient and cost effective products for z/OS.

  • extensively involved with Universities, Hospitals, Public and private sector organizations, to achieve their goals of cost reduction and efficiency.
  • offers high quality software solutions based on proven generation technology, developed by a dedicated team of professionals.
  • reduces the cost of essential systems services and provides a simple licence structure that ensure costs remain low and predictable. 
  • products are available on request so that users can evaluate their functionality against requirements.
  • will design and develop specialized software products and services for you.

AutoMan ©

Automate your z/OS system from startup to shutdown.

  • Operate the console
  • Dispatch work according to schedule
  • Monitor and control operations
  • Control multiple systems. 
  • Monitor and ensure system health

AutoMan © contains all the functionality required to automate and control every part of the system. 

AutoMan © enables unattended operations.

AutoMan General Information


Matrix ©

Matrix © is enabling technology that enables the applications developers to use the full power of z/OS. An applications API enables dataspaces, cross systems communications, large scale data sharing, table management and cross systems event control. Matrix provides a transport layer so that user programs written in COBOL, C, PL/I or Assembler can access and utilize all system functions.

Matrix Concepts



TapeMan ©

Cross systems tape device sharing system. TapeMan © enables those organizations with multiple systems, to share their tape drives and eliminate the problems of concurrent use normally associated with shared tape devices.